Past events and workshops

Below are some of the workshops we’ve run

Every year since 2011 there has been a 4 day grief tending workshop in Devon – at first run by Maeve Gavin; now held by Jeremy, Sophy, Mel and others in the team. These happen regularly in early December.

We have been experimenting with other formats, wanting the work to be more available to those who can’t make longer times, or can’t do weekends, or can’t afford the longer workshop. Here are some of our past workshop offerings..


Devon Grief Tending Ceremony Nov 6th Eden Rise

This day is offered partly for those contributing to the XR actions in London and elsewhere – if you were involved you’re welcome to pay what you can. You still need book first as places are limited.

drops on spider web

All are welcome, and all our grief is welcome.

Where: Eden Rise, Near Totnes, Devon

When: November 6th 10am – 6.15 pm

Facilitator: Sophy Banks with support

Another one day ceremony welcoming those who have been before, and people wanting a shorter experience of grief tending with others. This day includes the full journey of building solid banks for a strong river of grief to flow through us; different practices for stirring and expressing grief, soothing and integrating what has moved, and preparing to return.

Cost: £60 – 110. We don’t want money to be a barrier. Please be in touch if you need a bursary. Places are limited so please book in advance.

Grief Tending Eden Rise Nov 6th 2019


1 Day Grief Tending, October 19th, North Norfolk

Where: North Farm, near Aylsham, Norfolk

When: 10am – 6pm Saturday October 19th

Facilitators: Sophy Banks with support.

A one day journey into the river of grief and back, in a beautiful location and held by an experienced team.

[The 2 day October workshop in Devon has been postponed; new date to be confirmed]


Devon 4 day Grief Tending in Community

Where: High Heathercombe, Dartm

1 Day Grief Tending, September 11th, Devon drops on spider web

Where: Eden Rise, Totnes, Devon

When: September 11th 10am – 6pm

Facilitators: Sophy Banks with Felicity Hollow

An introduction for those new to grief tending together, and a gentle space for those who have done this before. As well as creating shrines of support and to honour grief, we will share writing practices and a water ritual with time to integrate and prepare for our return.

Grief tending workshop Information Eden Rise Sept 2019


Storm.jpgPresence in Uncertain Times: a 5 day retreat on Dartmoor

Where: Gidleigh, Dartmoor

When: August 20 – 25th 2019

Facilitators: Fanny Behrens and Sophy Banks

How can we stay grounded as we live through times of turbulences and uncertainty? For many this has been a lived reality for a long time, for some the crises of climate, corrupt leadership, social injustice and more are only starting to be felt.

Camping on Dartmoor and working in a beautiful village hall we will explore what these times mean for us, how turbulence and change can impact us in our bodies, feelings and mind, and how we can stay in a place of grounded presence.

An emergent programme will include time seeking connection and guidance in nature, ritual and ceremony to face into the reality of living, dying, grief and joy; and learning and strengthening practices of embodied presence.

See the Movement of Being website for more information and how to book.

Feel free to contact Sophy if you have questions.

3 day Grief Tending, Norfolk 5 – 7 July 2019

A residential workshop in beautiful surroundings in North Norfolk, following the successful shorter workshops here. Over three days we will have time for connecting with the land, each other, and our grief; holding two ceremonies and other practices for surfacing and expressing grief together, and a good amount of integration and preparing to return.

Where: Near Aylsham, North Norfolk

When: Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July

Facilitators: Sophy Banks with support from Devon team and local Norfolk folk.

Norfolk Grief-Tending residential, 5-7 July 2019

1½ Day Grief Tending, May 21-22 Devon

Where: High Heathercombe, Dartmoor, Devon

When: May 21 10am – 8pm with option to stay till 1pm 22nd May for a more gentle return

Facilitators: Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres, with support

A short version of the grief ritual including shrines, drumming and song. This is for people who have worked with us before, or are familiar with ritual and used to going into strong feelings and returning to a place of ground. We offer the option to stay overnight and take longer to integrate for those who want to (at no extra cost)

Download the flyer: Grief tending in Community May 2019 HH

Apprenticing to Grief – for those wanting to hold grief spaces March 19 – 24

Our first venture into supporting others on the path to facilitating grief spaces for others. We will run this again in February 2020 – please contact us if you would like information when it is available.

Where: High Heathercombe, Dartmoor, Devon

When: March 19 – 24th 2019

Facilitators: Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres, with support

Download a flyer for this event here:  Apprenticing to grief flyer

Jeremy and Sophy share some of their long journeys with grief work, especially holding spaces for shared expression and witnessing of grief. Expect it to be an experiential,  shared exploration of the profound and rich territory of grief.

If you would like more information and a booking form please contact us


Grief Tending in Community flyer BedfordOne day Grief Tending in Bedfordshire March 9th

A one day event in beautiful surroundings.

Where: The Clophill Centre, near Bedfordshire

When: March 9th, 10am – 6pm

Facilitator: Sophy Banks

Grief Tending in Community Bedford March 2019

An introduction to Grief tending with others – taking time to feel what supports and nourishes us, enabling us to feel held as we move into expressing our grief. There will be time to integrate and prepare for returning.

Organised by Claire

3 day Grief Tending in Devon, Monday 25 – Weds 27th February

Where: High Heathercombe, Dartmoor, Devon

When: Monday Feb 25th 2pm  -Wednesday Feb 27th 1pm

Facilitators:Jeremy Thres, Sophy Banks + team

Cost: Sliding scale £210 – 340 sliding scale; some bursary places available.

A place to come together as a group, give generous time to our grief, and take care with integrating and completing together.

Grief tending flyer feb 2019


Devon 4 day Grief Tending in Community

Where: High Heathercombe, Dartmoor, Devon

When: December 7 – 10 2018

Facilitators: Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres, with support

A deep and spacious dive into honouring and tending our grief with others. This workshop follows the form that Maeve Gavin originally devised, seeing the need for time to build trust and create the banks of the river, to stir our grief so that when we come to ceremony we are ready to let go of what we are carrying. There is time for gentle integration and a spacious journey back to be ready to return to our lives where our grief may not be so welcome. This is recommended if you haven’t done a deep dive with us before, and if you know you are carrying a lot and want a generous time of release and restoration.

Norfolk 1 day workshop November 10 2018

A chance to experience the expression of grief with others, in beautiful surroundings, using tried and tested practices.

Where: North Norfolk – North Farm, Burgh, Near Aylsham NR11 6TW

When: Saturday November 10th,  10am – 6pm

Facilitators: Sophy Banks with support from Natasha Hood

Cost: Sliding scale £60 – 95 with some bursary places

Grief-Tending in Community flyer