The End of the Line

A series of events for those who are childless, not by choice

Hosted by Sophy Banks, Dita Visozo and Alison Heatherington with Emma Sampson supporting

Offering the practices of grief tending in community to the different journeys of those who want, or wanted to be parents but are not.

See Dita’s journey here

And Alison’s here

Tending the Grief of Unwanted Childlessness

interactive evening Sept 17th 7 – 9pm UK time

An introductory evening to explore the landscape of the grief of childlessness. We will offer some simple yet powerful practices, talk about the transformative possibility of grieving together, and share a little of our journeys with childlessness with each other.

Suggested donation £5 – 10. Contact Alison for more details

Book here

Download the flyer for more information on workshops, or see below

Two half day workshops on line

Sept 24th 3-7pm with Sophy and Dita. Oct 17th 9.30am – 1.30pm with Dita and Emma

Find a home for your all your feelings in a space held by experienced leaders of grief tending workshops.

We will share the journey from building the banks of the river, creating safety and ground, from which we can allow our deeper truth to flow, witnessing others and being witnessed. The session ends with integration and orienting to return to our daily lives. See more about the journey of a grief tending workshop and FAQs about tending grief together on line

Cost £35 – 60; bursaries available. Book for either workshop here

deep dive – 2 day on line workshop

Over a weekend, alternating time on and off line, we will give spacious attention to the feelings and journey of childlessness, in turn supporting and supported by others.

No more than 2 hours at a time on Zoom, and with time on Saturday evening to create your own ceremony to honour what most wants to be mourned, given a place, or tended. If you haven’t attended a grief tending workshop and you’re interested to join please have a look at the detailed workshop description, or have a chat with one of the facilitators before booking.

Saturday Nov 7th 10am – Sunday Nov 8th 4pm UK time Facilitated by Sophy and Dita. Book here

Thank you all for the beautiful grief tending workshop. I am glad that I made the decision to come at the last minute. I found it to be supportive, tender, and safe.

on line workshop participant
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