Grief tending in Community Events

Below are details of all our planned events to December 2022. Others may be added – sign up for email updates to stay up to date.

If you’re new to grief tending, here’s more information about what a Grief tending workshop is and how they work face to face and on line. You could also check out these videos which answer some of the questions people have about tending grief with others. Deep gratitude to Sarah Pletts for their creation!

Workshops coming up

  • Half day Zoom workshops continue roughly once a month, see dates below and book here
  • Apprenticing to Grief on line – 3 modules in Feb, March and April. See this page

The work continues to surprise me, especially how much it opens me to joy, aliveness and connection. I really believe it holds the seeds of healing most needed at this time.’ Apprenticing to Grief online participant

On line Grief Tending – Short workshops

Book here for all half day on line workshops

  • Held on Zoom, these are 4 hours long, and give a rich taste of shared grief tending. Many have been suprised at the depth of expression and witnessing that is reached in these sessions – perhaps a testament to how natural shared grief tending is for us.
  • Each session includes calling in support, building safety and trust; stirring and connecting to grief; a ceremony or practice to express, witness and share grief; time for soothing and integration, and preparing to return.
  • Faciliated by Sophy, unless shown otherwise, with skilled support.
  • Cost: £35 – 60 sliding scale. Please be in touch if you need a low cost place.
  • Dates for 2022: (all times are for the UK)
    • December 16th 3 – 7pm Midwinter grief circle (one space left)
    • December 19th 3 – 7pm Midwinter grief circle
  • DATES FOR 2023:
  • January 17th, Tuesday 3 – 7pm Grief circle
  • February 15th, Wednesday, 3 – 7pm Writing out Grief

Apprenticing to Grief – in person and on line

If you’re wanting to deepen your relationship with grief, or gain more skills to hold space for the grief of others, join us for this profound journey into the powerful landscape of shared grief tending.

The Apprenticeship has been an immensely rich learning process which I sense will continue to unfold over time. Apprenticing to Grief online participant

For full details see the Apprenticing to Grief page

Apprenticing to Grief on line

The next on line programme will be offered in Spring 2023. This will be a series of 3 modules which run Friday afternoon – Sunday. If you’re interested we encourage you to come to a longer grief tending workshop before attending. You’re welcome to apply at any time – see the page here for details.

Apprenticing to Grief in person

  • Details for 2023 to be confirmed.
  • You are welcome to be in touch if you are interested, and to complete the application form. We’ll contact you when we have more information.
  • Please read the detailed information about the programme and how to apply, here.

Grief tending residential workshops

High up on Dartmoor we will gather to honour and tend grief. In our temporary community we create the supportive banks of the river through beauty, time in nature, shared connection, warmth and tenderness.

All grief is welcome at all these workshops. Whether you are with personal loss or bereavement, healing from past wounds, disturbed by world or local events, or acknowledging the pain of those who went before still reverberating in your family or community, your grief is deserving of tending, and is welcome.

Residential grief tending workshops allow us to go deeper and tranform more. In the spaciousness of having a series of processes, grief can be expressed and witnessed in different ways, working with the body, words, sound, images, song and more.

“I was surprised at how much laughter and joy as well as tenderness and warmth there was alongside the grief” – 4 day participant

Grief tending in Community – 4 day programme Dec 1 – 4th

We will create a wide doorway through which many flavours, sources and expressions of grief are welcome. Supported by an experienced team, good food and beautiful surroundings this workshop has been transformative for many, as together we can hold things which have been too overwhelming to be held before.

A journey over four days to spaciously build trust and safety, enabling a deep dive into a range of different processes for inviting, expressing, honouring and tending grief. Practices include writing, movement, sharing in circle, nature connection, ritual, drawing, and more.

If your grief feels large, or stuck, or you just would like the expansiveness of a spacious journey we recommend this workshop. (We are dreaming the 5 or 6 day version, following requests from previous participants)

  • Thursday December 1st 3pm – Sunday December 4th 2pm 2022
  • Cost: £350 – £530 sliding scale. Please let us know on your booking form if you need a bursary or to pay in instalments
  • Facilitated by Sophy and Jeremy plus support
  • Book here
  • This workshop has a (short) waiting list. If you would like to come we encourage you to register – there are often reasons why people cannot come & we will let you know if spaces come free.

Tending our grief for the world

“This is deep and powerful work which I highly recommend” CA, participant

Dates and costs for 2023 to be confirmed – usually run in July

It’s easy to feel swamped by the amount of information available about the suffering of others in these times. Martin Prechtel tells the story of the Guatamalan village he was part of going into full mourning when they heard of a bus accident in Europe they were completed unconnected to. How to find a balance between staying open to being impacted by what is happening, and closing down to avoid ongoing overwhelm?

And it may be very personal grief that draws you – your own history of hurt or harm, unhealed grief from family lines, past events, sadness for people that you have lost, or the longing for what has never been.  Or perhaps you are impacted by world events, wars, injustice, destruction, corruption. ome of us are still carrying scars from the pandemic – the griefs of separation, loss of income or roles, ongoing illness or stress.

There is much to feel in these times. This is a space to honour what we love, and tend to our pain in good ways.

Venue:  High Heathercombe, a beautiful place high on Dartmoor, Devon.

Grief tending by the lake

Give your grief space to move in this one day, in person event in a place surrounded by woods and by water. A full day gives spacious time to connect deeply yourself, others in the group, and whatever grief you are carrying. Hosted by Eagle Heart – thanks to Clare and Michael.

  • Dates for 2023 to be confirmed
  • Where: a stunning location with a lake in private woods, a mile from Sunningdale train station (Waterloo – Reading line). Full details with booking.
  • Facilitated by Sophy plus support
  • Cost: £60 – £120, be in touch if you need a bursary / low cost place
  • See more details and book here

More about Grief tending workshops

See more about our range of workshops, including the shape of the journey, different formats we offer, the mystery of doing deep work on line, and some frequently asked questions.

If there’s something you’re looking for and you can’t find it here have a look at our links page, or get in touch and let us know.

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