April Grief Tending Update

Spring arrives in the northern hemisphere.. Take some time to remember, grieve, honour and share with others anything you’re with from your year of pandemic, lockdowns, upheaval and change. Book now for the April 16th Grief tending workshop where we will hold a space for COVID remembrance, as well as welcoming all grief.

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Newsflash – for those interested in the grief traditions of these lands, there is a Grief ceremony with Phyllida Anam-Aire on Sunday 18th April, 6 – 9PM, on Zoom. For more details and to book click here

Journeying into the Heart of Grief
Come and allow the rivers of grief to pour healing waters over your heart.
Phyllida, and a group of compassionate friends working in the fields of bereavement, will guide you into this sacred ceremony.
There will be lots of singing and Celtic Grief Mantras, or Gutha, encouraging openness of the heart of grief in us.
Phyllida worked extensively with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in the eighties and nineties and as a ritual of gratitude to Life Itself, offers this ceremony to the community.
It will be her last communal gathering working with grief and loss.

Author: sophybanks

living in south west England

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