Grief Tending workshops

We offer an ongoing programme of Grief Tending workshops. The shape of the journey we follow in all these is similar so the difference is how much time we have for each element. With more time we can create stronger connections to the land, to what supports us and to each other. We can share more practices to honour and stir our grief together. In longer workshops we can create more than one ritual, with quieter or more energetic qualities. And we can have more time to integrate the shift that often comes with expressing grief, helping its benefits to last as we prepare to return to our lives.


We aim to offer this work to all who want it, regardless of income. We aim to offer a sliding scale as well as bursary places. Please contact us or the organiser if the advertised price is unaffordable and we will do what we can. We have a bursary fund and we want to use it! We are grateful for financial support for reduced cost places from other participants and some generous people.

Support before and after

Grief tending with others can be a powerful experience – even the shorter events can stir strong feelings. For the work to be beneficial it’s really important to have support in place before and especially after the workshop. We remind participants of this in the booking process and during the workshop itself, and we are pointing it out here as well! Healing what is painful requires loving holding and support.

Grief tending workshops do not replace ongoing therapy or support

Grief tending ceremonies and workshops

All include the following elements which we see as essential parts of healthy grieving:

  • Welcome, coming together as a group, building trust and safety
  • Connecting with resources and support
  • Explaining some grounding principles of grieving together
  • Setting an inclusive invitation for welcoming grief
  • Practices for stirring our grief
  • Ceremony to honour and express grief
  • Embodied integration and soothing
  • Preparing to return and closing together

Over many years we have experimented with different forms. These are some that we regularly offer:

One day introduction

This day includes the full journey described above. It gives a taste of grief tending with others in a format which is affordable and accessible. The day includes a stirring / expression practice such as a writing exercise, and a simple ceremony which is tailored to the group. One day of grief tending can still stir strong feelings and support before and after are really important.

Here’s what some participants have said:

Longer one day / two day Workshop