Grief tending in Community Events

fast flowing river
Strong banks allow a powerful river of grief to flow safely to the ocean

Grief tending with others is a powerful antidote to the harm of a system which encourages us to avoid or suppress pain. It also offers the possibility of deep connection in this time of isolation as we share our vulnerability and strong feelings with others. It can help us to:

  • Feel more deeply connected to self, to others, to life
  • Release energy and help prevent depression or burnout
  • Grow a new positive relationship with grief
  • Soothe and recalibrate our physical nervous system

All feelings are welcome –  fear, outrage, despair, not knowing, numbness, guilt, sorrow, and more. Joy and love may come too!

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I find it enriching to hear of others grief which then becomes our collective grief.  The whole day is held with respect, attentiveness and skill.”  (Lynne, one day workshop)

On line Grief tending events

White / pink support shrine and dark blue grief shrine with objects; water and candle
Support and grief shrine

We have now hosted several grief tending events on line, and found that even with the challenges of distance and technology we can create a profound, welcoming space enabling the release of grief, the balm of being witnessed and the healing of hearing others in their deep truth.

In each workshop we will create ceremony in our own space, coming together to call in support and finding the many ways we are connected even when we are not physically together.

We have found – and are still learning – ways to stay connected with the physical body, by not getting lost in the screen- visual – world. All this helps to stay present to the grief that needs to flow.

Short workshops (half day)

If you are with very intense or overwhelming feelings, or you feel there is “a lot”, you might want to come to a longer workshop. Dates for this will be announced soon – please join our email list to receive details.

Grief tending in Circle

Friday June 5th 9.30am – 1.15pm: last 2 places available

This will run again on Friday June 19th 9.30 – 1.15pm

Hearing from each one in the whole group we can honour and sense the complexity of our situations and responses. The Grief tending in Circle has a longer sharing circle at its heart, using the form of Council, or a Bowl of Tears or Truth Mandala – each person taking their turn to speak about or express in any form, what needs to be shared.

Cost: £15 – £40 pay what feels right for you on this sliding scale, or be in touch if this is unaffordable

For more information or to book please contact Sophy at

Writing out Grief

Dates to be confirmed

We will hold ceremony together, each in our own place. Using a writing practice rooted in Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones we can give space and be witnessed in exploring a particular aspect of our grief. Those who prefer to work with images can draw instead of writing.

Cost: £15 – £40 pay what feels right for you on this sliding scale, or be in touch if this is unaffordable

For more information or to book please contact Sophy at


More on line events are in the pipeline.