Grief Tending in Community Workshops

If you haven’t attended a grief tending workshop before and would like to know more about what to expect please have a look here

I find it enriching to hear of others grief which then becomes our collective grief.  The whole day is held with respect, attentiveness and skill.”  (Lynne, one day workshop)

Devon 4 day Grief Tending

Where: High Heathercombe, Dartmoor, Devon

When: December 6 – 9, 2019

Facilitators: Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres, with support

A deep and spacious dive into honouring and tending our grief with others. This workshop follows the form that Maeve Gavin originally devised, recognising the need for time to build trust and create the “banks of the river”, to stir our grief so that when we come to ceremony we are ready to let go of what we are carrying. There is time for gentle integration and a spacious journey back to be ready to return to our lives. This is recommended if you haven’t done a deep dive with us before, and you know you would like a generous time for release and restoration.

Participants are often surprised by how much joy and laughter comes with the space to release deeply held grief, and leave feeling nourished by the mix of beauty, nature, song and connection with others committed to honouring what our grief reveals.

For more information download the flyer: Grief tending flyer Dec 2019

“Thank-you so much for this beautiful and heartfelt offering, facilitated with such compassion and sensitivity” (Su, 3 day workshop)


fast flowing riverTending our Grief for the World

We live in times of continuing and escalating crises – in social justice and tolerance; in mental health; in the environment and climate; in democracy. There are also many positive stories, of more people waking up to our situation and responding; of people working together to defend life and dignity. As we are repeatedly impacted by painful information, coming together to express our responses and feelings can be a much needed and transformative practice.

This weekend draws on the work of Joanna Macy whose “Work that Reconnects” has been supporting empowered responses to the destruction of the global industrial system for decades. This work can bring deep connection, relief from burnout, a deeper sense of what is meaningful, and is in itself a radical act in a culture which denies or silences our outrage, grief and legitimate fear.

Where: High Heathercombe, Devon UK

When: 3pm January 24th – 3pm January 26th

Facilitators: Sophy and Mel, with support

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Apprenticing to Grief

A residential workshop for those wanting to develop their ability to hold spaces for tending grief

Where: High Heathercombe, Devon UK

When: 3pm February 7 – 4pm February 12th 2020

Facilitators: Jeremy and Sophy with support

We invite you to join us in deepening into the mystery of grief tending – honouring grief as a teacher, a power for growth and evolution, and a source of healing and restoration for what feels broken in us and in our world.

If you are interested in this please have a look at the Apprenticing to Grief page which describes the journey in much more detail, and has details on how to apply.

“Going home, I feel more capable of serving my community in kind, inviting people to a monthly gathering where we can grieve together, and recognize our shared love of life.”  Apprenticing participant

Responding to Times of Crisis and Change

Where: High Heathercombe, Devon UK

When: 31 March afternoon – 5th April afternoon 2020

Facilitators: Sophy Banks and Mel Lamb with support

Sophy and Mel are dreaming a longer residential workshop for those interested in exploring the times we are living through using the Deep Adaptation framing of “Four Rs”:

  • Relinquishment – using the tools of grief work, death and dying,
  • Reconciliation – healing relationships, understanding systems of privilege and oppression and creating partnerships
  • Resilience – how can we bounce back from shock and change as people and communities?
  • Restoration – living lives that restore what has been broken, destroyed or traumatised?

More information coming soon. Contact Sophy to express interest and receive updates.


Would you like to host an event?

If you’re interested in hosting a Grief Tending event we’d love to talk with you. Here’s some information about possibilities – but if you have something else in mind please do get in touch.