Other Spaces for Grief we know of..

More and more people are completing the Apprenticing to Grief programme with us, and continuing to offer grief tending work. Some are listed below. If you are looking for people close to you feel free to contact us to see if we know of people near you.

Love and Loss, based in London:

Sarah and Tony Pletts and Bilal Nasim offer regular on line and in person grief workshops. See https://www.loveandloss.co.uk/loss/ for their grief offerings, and much more.

Norfolk Grief Tending:

A group offering grief tending workshops and more, link is here

The Work that Reconnects and Active Hope- Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone

The Work That Reconnects was created by Joanna Macy and initially called Despair and Empowerment, gives a structure and many processes for helping us to engage with information about the often overwhelming, big scale, deep time processes that are destroying the living web of life on earth and creating enormous suffering. See the WTR website, which includes listings for some facilitators in the UK. There is a UK based facilitator training for this work.

Active Hope – “How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy” – is one evolution of WTR.  Active Hope is a book, a six weekly evening programme, workshops, online study or more. In the Totnes area there are groups running regularly, contact the Inner Transition group for more information. Or see the Active Hope website for online courses and more resources.

Jewels Wingfield:

Has a centre in the Wye area and offers occasional grief focused retreats. Website is here


Lifebeat is a uk based organisation offering week long creative camps for fourteen to eighteen year olds. One part of what is offered within the week is a ceremonial space in which  young people are able to express some of what they have been carrying in life. www.lifebeat.co.uk

Regenco – working with the regenerative powers of nature

Regenco, short for Regeneration Company is the not for profit organisation co-founded by Jeremy 20 years ago through which a lot of Devon grief tending in community work has been administered, including Maeve Gavin’s visits and much of Jeremy and Sophy’s work at High Heathercombe. Its focus is learning how to work with the regenerative powers of nature offering experience and doorways to deepen into Landtime, rites of passage, dying practice and council. Here is a link to its current website. 


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