Grief tending Update June 2020

Loving life, welcoming grief.. staying in touch with our truth in times of change and upheaval

Here are some new dates for on-line workshops from me (Sophy), a bit of update from Jeremy about what he’s offering, and some reflections on these times and how this grief work might connect to the response to George Floyd’s killing.

On line Grief tending workshops

The next half day workshop is a Grief tending Circle on Friday 19th June 9.30 – 1.15pm. Please book soon if you’re planning to attend!

There are further half day events on:

7th July afternoon – Writing out Grief

6th August morningĀ  – Grief tending in Circle

I’m offering Loving Life, Welcoming Grief – a two day workshop, on 25 – 26th July. Continue reading “Grief tending Update June 2020”